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Why Settle For An Average Pool And Spa When You Can Hire The Man Who 'Wrote The Book' On Pool And Spa Design?

John Bently is an author of the Pool and Spa Builders Reference Manual known as the "bible" of proper pool design that was published by what is now known as the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP).

50+ Years Experience

No pool and spa design professional has more experience or more knowledge.

Award Winning Designs

John has won more National and International Design Awards than all of his competitors combined

AQUA 100 Group Listed

Named to the list of 100 finest pool and spa builders in the United States by Aqua Magazine

John Bently

John Bently "Certified Building Professional"

NSPI Pool and Spa Builders Reference Manual

Expert Pool, Spa, Waterfall and Fountain Design

An expert pool and spa designer is the one who can explain their decisions with knowledge and information and knows the purpose and reason behind every decision they make.

As simple as it sounds, designers with high expertise who truly understand design are hard to find, and homeowners should be careful when choosing a pool designer.

Many of the other builders, who are less skilled, offer limited knowledge and offer features that may not properly match the landscape on the property.

They simply offer what makes them the most profit, and say yes to every additional feature.

3 Types of Pool Designers

  • 1
    Pool builders who do not have an art or architectural background and only know the rudimentary rules of design. They use design scheme templates found on computer programs, the design procedure being free.
  • 2
    Landscape architects, who are professionals and have an education in design. However, most landscape architects do not have experience in the design and construction of swimming pools and spas. They often need to hire an expert pool design contractor as a sub-contractor.
  • 3
    Educated and professional designers who understand principles of design and construction requirements, and their work is based upon the relationships between the design and the physical construction, as related to the property and landscape. They know that every design element - from the overall broad concept, to the little details - must be included into the design and need to be implemented in a flawless, error-free manner.

How To Know If Your Pool Designer Is An Expert

To know the expertise level of your designer, you need to know that the designs of a truly qualified pool builder is devised using the existing architecture (or building plans) of the house, the surrounding landscape settings, and the client’s personal input.

A professional knows that there sometimes are building spaces that demand unique types of designs, which may be completely inappropriate for other spaces because they only match the landscape in which they are designing.

To understand this in simple terms, you can use the analogy of the types of tires that you use for your vehicle.

If the weather conditions in your area often include snow and ice, you would likely choose those tires which are engineered for such conditions. If the weather conditions in your area is always warm and dry, you would likely choose a different type of tire. Choosing the proper type of tires to match your needs helps enhance the performance, safety, efficiency and life-span of the vehicle.

This same principle can be applied to the design of your pool and spa.

If you have a traditional style home, it requires a design that fits in the traditional style. Likewise, if you have a modern style home then the design for the pool and spa should match a modern type architecture.

The point is, there really is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to custom pool and spa design.

There are many similar design elements, like vanishing edge with overflowing water systems in many of the pools designed today, but those elements don’t really count as true custom design.

A vanishing edge can be a beautiful feature, no doubt in that, specifically how it draws your attention to the background view but using a vanishing edge just for the sake of having one is not real custom design if it doesn’t match well with the landscape surroundings.

The whole idea of a custom designed pool is to develop a space where every element unites to build an aura of luxury and simplicity, so that whenever you walk in, you feel the ambience surrounding you and you embrace the beauty of the space.

An expert pool and spa designer uses water’s reflective nature, along with other design elements, in the right amount so everything becomes synchronized and balanced. They understand that every element is equally important when creating a custom design, rather than offering limited, repeated designs.

Notable Designs By John Bently

  • Natatorium with special pool & spa for Michael Jordan
  • New hydrotherapy spa for Chicago Bears, at rebuilt Soldier Field, Chicago
  • Workout lap pool, hot spa, and cold spa for Chicago Bears Training Facility
  • Hydro-therapy pool for aged and infirm, Illinois Masonic Home, Sullivan, IL
  • Renaissance Hotel, 8500 W. Brynmawr, Chicago, IL, indoor pool and spa
  • Several pools designed to help Paraplegic or Multiple Sclerosis patients
  • Commercial pool for Brandywine Townhouse Ass'n, Villa Park, IL
  • Literally hundreds of pools built in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, both residential and commercial.

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Dominic Caminiti

“I would never hesitate to recommend you to any client.”

“I would like to thank you for the prompt, excellent work putting in our new pool control panel. The workmanship and scheduling were excellent. I would also like to thank you, John Bently for the prompt past service whenever we need help.

John has shown up night or day to make sure our problems are resolved. Our situation is unique in regard to the physically challenged children that use our pool. It is very important that we keep the chemicals and temperature very consistent.

You have been able to maintain that consistency over the many years, of which we thank you. Your team has such great knowledge and we are fortunate to have you on our team. I would never hesitate to recommend you to any client.

Dominic Caminiti


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